Lovin' Longmont

Lovin' Longmont

Mt. Meeker and 14,259' Longs Peak

Fresh Snow-Longs Peak, Longmont, CO

After selling my portrait and wedding  business several years ago, it seemed only natural to continue my love of photography.  When I was asked permission to use one of my photos to make a postcard I realized Longmont really didn't have anything available to show the beauty of this fair City.. Thus, my Lovin' Longmont business was created. 

I am a 3rd generation resident of this beautiful state and have been in Longmont since 1965. I have always felt most comfortable when exploring and enjoying the great variety of natural beauty that surrounds us. Every season brings a different landscape - a new pallet of color.

My images have been on display at various venues throughout the city  during the past 5 years.  A rotating display is always at Creative Framing. I hope you find an image that calls to you, a view that  you love or time of year that fits your needs. All these images can be custom printed to your desired size.  Whether it be a framed print, a beautiful canvas wrap or a gallery mount, I can assist you in deciding the perfect fit for your room or office. I now have a permanent display  of 18 large canvas prints at 1st Bank on 17th and Main. If you would like a tour, just let me know.

There are a variety of products now available throughout the city including Ace Hardware, Barbed Wire Books, Creative Framing, ExpressIt Mail Center,  Longmont Museum and Postal Annex on Pace. Postcards, notecards, prints, mugs, cuttingboards, posters and other gift items are just a few you things  will find througout the year.  Calendars and Christmas ornaments are available on a seasonal basis. 

When you are in need of a gift of any size and price, check with Lovin' Longmont first!

My contact information:   lovinlongmont@comcast.net or 303-772-7169 - or 303-589-2431.